Whiskey Disks - Handcrafted Whiskey Stones to chill your finest malt whiskey without diluting.

Our Story

Who Says Drinking Leads To No Good?

Hammerstone is a name that has always been associated with hard work and fine craftsmanship. Our business is located in the village of Chocorua, tucked away between New Hampshire’s Lakes Region and its White Mountains. Ours is a multi-generational operation, comprised of a father and son. We are renowned for both our skill as stonemasons and our love of single malt Scotch. Yeah it’s true, laying expertly-crafted stone and appreciating fine liquor are two things that have been going on for a long time in our family.

Years ago, we found ourselves desiring a way to chill our select spirits without the diluting effect of melting ice. We enjoyed the cooling, but disliked the watered-down flavors that resulted. So we turned to soapstone. As stone workers we were well aware of its unique ability to hold temperature. Utilizing our skill as craftsmen, we set to work milling and hand tooling the stone to specific proportions. After a lot of trial and error we achieved the perfect combination of shape and thermal mass. Our handcrafted whiskey stones were a great success. We called them Whiskey Disks.™ After sitting in the freezer for a couple of hours, they easily chilled a dram to approximately 50°F. Not only did they perform beautifully, but they were beautiful objects as well. Identical in shape and size, yet no two were alike in color or grain. Each of our unique whiskey stones seemed to elegantly transform as they were submersed in the wet, wonderful goodness of a chosen pour. Colors that were previously muted became radiant; subtle grain became vividly apparent. We still make them to this day. We make them the way we always have, by hand and with care.

Our friends and family have long enjoyed the benefits of our ingenuity. Over the years we have happily toiled away in our workshop, making sure that there were always enough Whiskey Disks™ to spare. With each passing birthday, holiday or special occasion, they've become a wonderful tradition. Now it's time to share our creation with you. Give them as a gift, or treat yourself. Either way, you'll find that Whiskey Disks™ bring a nice bit of useful ritual to life.