Whiskey Disks - Handcrafted Whiskey Stones to chill your finest Scotch, whiskey or bourbon without diluting.

Wrestle with the devil.

Here's the dilemma.

How do you chill your fine spirits without diluting all those wonderfully complex flavors? Of course ice promises great things, but it always ends up letting you down with a watery mess. Until now, those of us looking for a cool tipple have had to settle for an experience that starts well, but ends in disappointment. Sure, you could forego the ice and take it neat; but you're robbed of the thrill that subtly-chilled liquor can bring when it warms on the palate. Either way, it's a frustrating concession.

They say the devil is compromise. The boys at Hammerstone say, to hell with the devil and his annoying little sidekick – compromise. With our handcrafted Whiskey Disks™ you can finally have your proverbial cake and drink it too. Simply freeze one of our soapstone disks, and then add it to your next drink. You'll enjoy a slight chill with no watered-down taste; perfection in a glass. It's a simple, beautiful solution to a downright pesky problem. Leave it to a couple of rough-cut stonemasons from New England to give the devil his due.

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